Car systems

Everything you need to know about your car's built-in functions, such as the entertainment and navigation systems.

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Cancel route

Car apps

Car apps


Pair your Volvo with a Bluetooth® device

Sensus Connect

Sensus Connect

Sensus Connected Touch

Updated centre display

Bluetooth® and your Volvo

Book service and repair service

Car system updates

Common problems with the Book service and repair service

Connect to the Internet via mobile phone (Bluetooth)

Connect to the Internet via mobile phone (Wi-Fi)

Connect to the Internet with Sensus Connected Touch

Connect your mobile phone to the car via Bluetooth

Copying music to the car's hard disk

Delete user data from your Volvo

Disconnect a Bluetooth device from your Volvo

E-mail application

Find Fuel

Frequently asked questions and answers concerning updates from the car


Google Local Search

If you experience problems with updates or downloads from the car

iGo and Sensus Connected Touch

Import of POI files

Installation and use of Google Local Search

Local Search

Manage Bluetooth® hands-free calls


Navigate in the centre display

Operate Sensus Connected Touch

Pair a Bluetooth® device with your Volvo



Playing back music from an external source

Rdio is discontinued

Remove a Bluetooth device from your Volvo

Restore settings in settings view

Send destination to the car via Send to Car

Send to Car

Send to Car

Sensus Connect Interactive Guide

Sensus Connected Touch and Connected Navigation

Sensus Connected Touch and data roaming

Sensus Navigation button (NAV)

Service application

Software and apps

Spotify and Sensus Connected Touch


Switch to another Bluetooth® device

Text messages

The differences between Sensus Navigation and Internet maps

Transfer a phone book to your Volvo



Update maps directly from the car

Updates from the car

Updating software

Use a Wi-Fi connection

Use the Book service and repair service

Using an SD memory card

Using Local Search

Using Send to Car

Using TuneIn

Using TuneIn







Use voice control

Sensus Connect Interactive Guide

Explore all features in our interactive learning guide