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Collision warning* – function

Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake is designed to assist the driver if there is a risk of a collision with a pedestrian, a cyclist, a vehicle ahead that is at a standstill or one that is moving in the same direction as your vehicle.

Function overview

Function overview

Audio-visual warning signals, collision risk
Radar sensor

Collision Warning

The radar sensor and the camera work together to detect a pedestrian, a cyclist, stationary vehicles and vehicles that are moving in the same direction as your vehicle. If there is a risk of collision with a vehicle, a cyclist or a pedestrian, the driver is alerted by a flashing red warning light and an audible warning signal. The system is active at speeds above 3 mph (4 km/h).

Brake Support

If the risk of collision continues to increase after the collision warning has been given, Brake Support is activated. Brake Support prepares the brake system to react quickly, and the brakes are applied slightly. This may be experienced as a light tug.

If the brakes are applied quickly, full braking effect will be provided. Brake Support also increases brake force if the system determines that the driver has not applied adequate pressure on the brake pedal.


If a collision is imminent and the driver has not applied the brakes or begun to steer around the vehicle, pedestrian or a cyclist, the auto-brake function is activated without the driver pressing the brake pedal. Full brake force is applied to help reduce the vehicle’s speed when the collision occurs or limited brake force is applied if this is sufficient to avoid the collision.

The auto-brake and brake support functions are always on and cannot be turned off.

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