MapCareTM is a map updating service for Volvo cars equipped with Sensus Navigation. This article describes the MapCareTM service means for Volvo vehicles of model year 2016 and onwards (Life Time MapCareTM).

Use MapCareTM

For vehicles of model year 2016 and onwards, free updates are available online (Life Time MapCareTM), see Map download for Sensus Navigation. Updates may be made 2-12 times a year (depending on region). You can also get access to the map updates via your Volvo dealer.

Life Time MapCareTM will be available at least until 2025.

Updating maps online

A number of conditions have to be met in order to update and download maps online:

  • Access to a USB with enough memory to make the update in the vehicle. The largest map requires a 64 GB USB memory. For exact map size, see detailed information for the relevant map.
  • The time required to transfer data from the USB flash drive to the vehicle varies depending on the size of the map data file.
  • You do not have to be driving your vehicle whilst the update is in progress, but the ignition must be on. If not driving, battery support is recommended.

Getting started with map updates online

Maps are updated in two steps, first the map is downloaded to a USB memory and then the map is transferred from the USB memory to the vehicle. Getting started, see Map download for Sensus Navigation.

Updating maps at the workshop

Your Volvo dealer can help you with the updating and downloading of maps. Map updates are free, however, a dealer may charge for the workshop time needed to install the maps.

In the event of problems with downloading maps online, contact your Volvo dealer.

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