Gracenote ® identifies, analyses and sorts music to facilitate playback, navigation and scrolling through your music library.

Gracenote ®

Gracenote ® is used to identify and analyse information from metadata in music files. These files may come from different devices, such as a mobile phone or USB device. Gracenote® compares and sorts songs according to genre, origin, period, type of artist, etc. Attributes such as tempo and mood are also analysed.

Metadata from different sources may sometimes be inconsistent or insufficient. Gracenote® has tools for sorting data and filling in missing information. Information on songs, artists and albums is displayed clearly, often together with pictures, in the car's centre display to facilitate navigation and scrolling through your music library.

Gracenote ® can create playlists based on specific songs containing music of similar styles by classifying and sorting your music collection.

Gracenote ® supports phonetic processing of artist names, album titles and genres so that you can use voice control easily to play back your music. To read more about voice control, see Voice control of media and Getting started with voice control.

Updating Gracenote®

Requires the Sensus Connect update available from May 2017.

You can update Gracenote® at regular intervals yourself. Update files can be downloaded to a blank USB drive from a computer. The files can be accessed via Downloads in the top menu at when you have selected the relevant region and market.

For a more detailed description of how to update Gracenote®, see Updating Gracenote®.

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