Getting started with voice control

Voice control allows you to control functions in the car, e.g. radio and media or a connected mobile phone. In cars equipped with Sensus Navigation you can also interact with the navigation system. To get started with voice control, there are several points you can think about.

What is voice control?

The voice control system allows you to control certain infotainment and climate functions using voice commands. The system can respond with speech and by showing information in the driver display.

You can control selected elements of Volvo applications for media, radio, navigation, telephone, messages and climate. For example, you can set an address as your destination, play a song, call a contact from your phone book, have text messages read out to you or set the temperature in your car.


The voice control system

Start voice control

Getting started with voice recognition

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Settings and menus in the centre display vary depending on software version.

P5–1507–Voice control symbol

Briefly pressing the voice control button on the right-hand side of the steering wheel starts a dialogue. When you have pressed this button, you will hear a beep and the voice control symbol will be shown in the driver display.

This shows that the system has started to listen and you can now start to speak. As soon as you start to speak, recognition is trained to understand your voice; this takes a few seconds and you do not need to start voice training.

Use voice control

Speak at a natural pace and using a normal conversational tone. To make the system understand what you want, it is important to say – for example – the command "Go to" followed by an address. To drive to a specific address, use the command Go to[Address]. If you want to play back music by a certain artist, say, for example, "PlayMadonna".

To change the system volume, turn the volume knob when the voice is speaking. You can use other buttons while using voice control. However, other sound will be muted during dialogue with the system, which means that it is not possible to execute any functions linked with sound using the buttons.

For information on how to improve voice control, see Improve your use of voice control.

Cancel voice control

There are several ways in which to cancel voice control:

  • Hold down the voice control button until you hear two beeps.
  • Briefly press the voice control button and say "Cancel".

Voice control will also be cancelled if you do not respond when the system speaks. The system will ask for a response three times first, but if you do not then respond it will be cancelled automatically.

Updating voice control

The voice control system in your car is under continuous improvement. You can download update files yourself. For more information, see Updating voice control.

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